Truancy and Antisocial Behaviour

If you take any time off school without permission, or a good reason, this is known as truancy. It applies whether you miss full days of school, or just a particular class.

If you do miss school, there is probably a reason for it. Perhaps you are being bullied, and feel too afraid or intimidated to face going in. Maybe you’re struggling with your schoolwork, and are scared to ask for help. Or you might have other problems, and just want people to sit up and take notice of you.

If you are playing truant, it’s important to understand the risks. 


If you miss school regularly:

  • You’re more likely to drink alcohol or take drugs. Both are bad for your health, and can put you at risk of harm
  • You’re more likely to get involved in crime, or do things that scare other people or cause a nuisance. This is known as antisocial behaviour
  • You could be putting yourself in danger
  • You might not get the grades you need to go to university, or get the job you’d like. This also applies if you’re involved in crime, or antisocial behaviour
  • You could get into a lot of trouble at school
  • You could get your parents into a lot of trouble. It is their responsibility to make sure that you go to school – and if you don’t, they could be fined or even sent to prison

Keeping yourself safe

  • If you’re being bullied, and are afraid to go into school, tell someone. This could be a parent, teacher, or friend. If that person doesn’t do anything to help you, then tell someone else
  • If you are finding your schoolwork difficult, tell someone. If your teachers know you are struggling, they will be able to help. They will also understand how much courage it has taken you to ask for help
  • If you are having any other problems in your life, tell someone. Again, there will be help if you need it
  • Avoid the temptation to take drugs, or drink alcohol
  • Try not to get involved in crime or anti-social behaviour

Where to get help

Dorset Children's Services: 01305 221 000

Dorset Safe Schools and Communities Team
Tel: 01202222844