Did You Know?

•  There is no recommended safe drinking limit for young people and if they excessively drink this could lead to health problems like alcohol poisoning, irregular periods, skin problems and weight gain
•  Young people who drink alcohol excessively could go on to develop memory loss, brain damage, liver disease and have an increased risk of heart disease and cancer
•  Young people who drink alcohol are more likely to get involved in crime and anti-social behaviour especially rowdy and aggressive behaviour
•  Young people who are drunk are more likely to be victims of crime or put themselves in danger as they’re less able to weigh up risks when they’re drunk
•  Young people who drink are more likely to have early sex, sex they regret or risky unprotected sex

More Information:

If you’re worried about a young person’s drinking you can contact Shadows on 01258488486 or email

For more information visit:

NICE Guidance

NICE Guidance PH4 Schools and Alcohol

NICE Guidance PH24 Hazedous and Harmful Drinking


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