Truancy & Anti Social Behaviour

Did you know?

•  Young people who truant are more likely to use alcohol or drugs
•  Young people who are involved in crime or anti-social  behaviour are more likely to become young parents
•  Young people who regularly skip school are more likely to have early sex
•  Truants are more likely to get involved in crime and anti-social behaviour
•  Young people who truant or get involved in crime and anti-social behaviour can seriously harm their future education and chances of getting a job

More information;

There are a number of teams that can help support young people who are engaging in anti-social behaviour such as the YISP and the Safe Schools and Communities Team
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There are a number of people and teams who can help support children and young people who are truanting from school such as the Education Social Workers (based in the Early Intervention Teams).  Contact your local locality hub for more information.